Sunday, 29 June 2014

by Allen Forrest

Fair Trade Coffee Woman With Fronds

Fair Trade Coffee Woman Working II

Fair Trade Coffee Man With Coffee Bean Sack

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Andrew Jarvis

An edge pointing at steel
scraches the face of wax
to leave exposed metal.

He then begins the drip
into the biting pool,
a slicing of copper
with a chemical sword.

There are no shields to burn,
no knives to cut away,
but two fitures posing
for their futures in ink.

And then he starts to paint
the maid and her mother,
two burned women to freeze
into paper portraits
of black searing through white,
beauty waxed from acid.

About Allen:

A graphic artist and painter

'Forrest's work is a mix of avant-garde expressionism and post-Impressionist elements reminiscent of van Gogh.'

---Editorial Staff - The Write Place At the Write Time

Vancouver, BC - Canada

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